“Easy to adjust and comfortable to wear”

Mom advice: Make life a little easier (and happier!) with a good nursing bra

Meet Kelly, mom to 7-month-old daughter

“As a mom with one arm, I needed a bra that would be simple to use, easy to adjust, and was comfortable to wear. ”

Kelly’s story

I bought two Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bras in medium. I opted for this style because the removable foam cups allowed for a little nipple discretion, as well as nice shape.

What works for me

Hands down I prefer the Bravado designs because of the simple clasp, as well as the strap-adjust in the front versus the back. As a mom with one arm, I need something that’s simple to use, easy to adjust, and comfortable to wear.

Mom-to-mom advice

I first went shopping for a nursing bra when I was five-months pregnant, and was advised to return when I was about 37 weeks, as that would be the time when my bust would most resemble my postpartum size.

When I came back for a fitting I tried on all the styles.

If possible, buy at least one cute, comfortable nursing bra. There will days when even just putting it on will buoy your spirits.

Along with the Body Silk Seamless, I also bought the Confetti Nursing Bra and use the removable cups from the Body Silk Seamless with it.

My baby likes the Confetti too! The Confetti Nursing Bra has a bow between the cups and my little miss will often start grabbing at it. This includes times when I’m not breastfeeding—she will pull at my top to find the bow!

Go-to nursing snack

Cut veggies and hummus. It’s easy to prepare in advance, and you just grab a bowlful before sitting down to nurse, especially for the marathon nursing sessions during growth spurts!


While breastfeeding, I catch up on my favorite shows recorded to the PVR.