Top 3 questions from first time pregnant mamas

1) Mom: If I just pick one, which would you recommend as a first nursing bra?

Bravado: Body Silk Seamless. It's our number one selling garment for a reason. Supremely comfortable, you can wear it 24/7, which is what you will need during those first few weeks. It is very stretchy which allows for the fluctuation that many women experience in the early stages as a nursing pattern is being established. It has a medium level of support, and the option of a removable foam cup insert for added nipple discretion and shape. It’s a great all-rounder! As an alpha-sized garment, this product ranges from a small to and extra large and covers a wide range of sizes. This makes it easier for moms to size for themselves. The stretch of the garment also allows for most moms to wear the same size during pregnancy, through into their nursing journey.

2) Mom: What is this inner strap for?

Bravado: Great question! I remember thinking the same thing, the very first time I tried on a nursing bra. The inner strap or sling is there to keep the shoulder strap in place when you take the cup down to nurse. All of our nursing garments include this feature, and our cups are full exposure, allowing your baby full access to your breast. This provides maximum opportunity for skin-to-skin contact with your baby as you nurse.

3) Mom: Which product is the most versatile?

Bravado: That would have to be our Dream Nursing Tank. Whether you’re wearing it alone as a tank in the summer with your fave pair of shorts and sunnies or layering it with a cardigan and jeans in the cooler months this product gives you the comfort of other Bravado products with the ease of being able to nurse in public without actually lifting your shirt. Built-in, molded, double layer cotton full support nursing bra means that you can go about your daily routine without having to compromise support. Did you know we added the option of a removable foam insert to this garment to give you a little extra discretion and shaping too? P.S. the fact that it doesn’t have hook and eye closer in the back means that it's also super comfy to wear to bed, so if you're exhausted at the end of a long day and just don’t have the energy to change into a sleep bra… then don’t, we won't tell. 

Top 3 questions from first time pregnant mamasSincerely,
Felicity Savage
Fit Program Specialist,
Bravado Designs
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