Helping moms through their nursing journey

Dad and babyLast month we did a shout out to the mamas, now were in June and there are two things that come to mind. Firstly it’s the month of Fathers Day – and we haven’t forgotten about the Dads! Secondly its Toronto’s First Ever Pride Month, something our city is super proud of. Families come in all shapes and sizes so we wanted to give a shout out this month to all the supportive people that nursing moms have in their lives- whether it’s a partner, boyfriend, girlfriend, close friend, grandparent or other important person, we know that there are times when it takes a village! Whether its heading out to pick up a second (or third or fourth) nursing bra for mama in the middle of winter, offering a kind word or a hug on a tough day or just fetching a glass of water when that nursing thirst comes on mid-feed, we know they are out there and are appreciated.

We see a lot of support people come with our Test Wear mamas to their fittings- some are quite comfortable with being part of the full process of the fitting, adding the odd comment here or there, others are happy to just sit and take care of the baby while mom participates in our program-either way family and friends are always welcomed!

So enjoy your start to the summer this June; Happy Fathers Day and Happy Pride Month, and big shout out to all the supporters who help nursing mamas in their journeys.

P.S. now that summer is here, don’t forget that our Dream Nursing Tank is your prefect summer on-the-go nursing apparel. Made from soft cotton to keep you cool, it was designed as outer wear. This garment comes complete with removable foam inserts for added discretion and in-built full support bra.

Need something to wear under those cute racer back shirts? We’ve got you covered with our Body Silk Seamless Yoga Nursing Bra. With the option to criss-cross the straps in the back, this garment has comfort as a main priority. It’s the perfect choice for low impact activity –so if you are taking a prenatal or mommy and me yoga class, walking, or just keeping up with baby, this product is for you!


Felicity Savage
Fit Program Specialist, Bravado Designs

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