How Alpha Sizes Can Help You Find A Well Fitting Bra

Bra sizes made easy. Understanding the benefits of our alpha sized products.

How Alpha Sizes Can Help You Find A Well Fitting Bra

Alpha Sizing

Finding a bra to best fit you can be challenging. If your body fluctuates throughout the month, it can be that much harder to find a great fitting bra. While you will still need to measure your cup and band to find the starting point for your proper bra size, alpha sizing may help to simplify the process of finding that perfect personal fit.

Why We Alpha Size

You may be wondering why we chose to offer our bra styles in alpha sizing versus numeric. There can be advantages when purchasing a bra with an alpha size range because of the sheer breadth one specific size can span. Selecting a bra offered in alpha sizing versus numeric, provides the wearer with a wider range of body shapes within a particular size and can accommodate those in between sizes as well. If your exact cup and band measurements are irregular or don’t appear on a numeric size grid when shopping for a bra, chances are you will be able to find your best fit in a size grid that offers alpha sizing, where you can likely go up or down a size and find what works for you.

The reason for this is because alpha sizing makes use of sister sizing and fabric stretch to accommodate more cup and band measurements into one size. That elasticity allows the fabric to expand or contract with your body and gives you the comfort you need. If you fluctuate in size throughout the month, having a more forgiving and flexible bra ensures you always have a well-fitting one on hand. This is especially beneficial during pregnancy or for nursing moms when breast tissue fluctuates the most.

Finding Your Fit

If you’re on either end of the alpha size spectrum, remember many of our bras are stretchy, flexible and adjustable to help customize the fit. For example, adjusting the back closure to the tightest or loosest setting may improve the feel of the bra around your body. How the bra feels on you is as important as how it looks. Many of our styles offer adjustability to lengthen or shorten the shoulder straps to help you get that perfect fit. These adjustable features can help eliminate multiple returns and exchanges when online shopping.

Bras To Consider

Whether you’re looking for a maternity and nursing bra or an everyday bra, we have many options to suit your style while offering comfort and stretch.

If it’s a maternity and nursing bra you’re looking for, try our Body Silk Seamless Bra. It’s our best selling style because of the support and coverage it provides and its seamless stretchy construction that conforms to your body’s shape.

Our Restore Bra is the ultimate in stretch and flexibility from the moment you put it on. It moves with your body and feels so effortlessly comfortable, you’ll forget you’re wearing a bra.

If you’re looking for a great everyday bra, we recommend the Sculpt Everyday Bra that provides support, stretch, comfort and coverage all in one bra. You’ll love the way it feels on your body.

Not All Bras Fit The Same

Remember, all bras will fit a little differently and sizing is a guide to help you find the one that fits you best, feels comfortable and flatters your body. It’s perfectly acceptable (and normal!) to have multiple sizes in your lingerie drawer to ensure you always feel your best.

For more information on how to find your size, visit the Fit Guide on our website.