Practicing Self Love During Postpartum

Loving our bodies can be such a journey. Practicing self-love is something we all silently work on. You are not alone in these feelings. Some days, we feel amazing, and other days, we doubt how we feel and look. It's a never-ending journey that almost all of us relate to, no matter our size, gender, and age. It's a sensitive conversation to have with ourselves after having a baby. We can feel guilty having these thoughts. These feelings don't make you a bad mother or even a bad person. It simply makes you human. Struggling to recognize ourselves when we look in the mirror months after giving birth or are constantly wondering when things will "bounce back." is a typical conversation new moms tend to have with ourselves.

Zubeida is wearing the Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra in Butterscotch


So, how do you accept to love this new version of yourself?

We've put together ways to practice loving yourself postpartum. Before you begin this article, start by acknowledging your feelings, validating them, and being gentle with your journey. We hope these suggestions help you feel celebrated.



Accept your body. Genuinely accepting your body means letting go and embracing this raw, vulnerable new version of you without judgment. Accept this is you right now. Not you in the past or you in the future. This is you presently right now, and you accept her. We recommend putting aside old clothing and lingerie that no longer serves you. Look at this as a positive, fun excuse to refresh your wardrobe, bra, and underwear drawer with a new capsule to help you feel good.

We recommend our Original Nursing Bra, which is gentle on your breasts and tender nipples and just the proper support in postpartum. It will fit your breasts and body to allow you to feel confident and comfortable. Pair it with our seamless panties, available also high-waisted, giving you that gentle hug your body needs right now! They work with you and not against you. Instead of attempting old pieces that no longer celebrate your soft new figure, you'll look in the mirror and feel like a queen. 

Zubeida is wearing the Original Nursing Bra in Dove Heather


Create Time For You

This can feel like a challenge as a new mother, but taking even 5-minutes to admire your strength and do a little self-care goes a long way. Marvel in your power and speak affirmations. Meditate or listen to a podcast or take a warm bath. As new mothers, we tend to fear time for just ourselves, but I promise it only makes us better mothers when we do.


Snuggle Your Baby

Snuggle your baby all you can. These precious moments go by so quickly. Embrace it. To help make breastfeeding an easier transition for you and your breasts, our Body Silk Seamless is the perfect bra to grow with you and provides cups that clip down to provide full exposure for skin to skin. Uncomfortable bras can sometimes cause us to second guess our bodies. That's why it's essential to find one that feels good and makes you feel good. Our smooth, seamless, and wire-free Body Silk Seamless is everything you want in a nursing bra, plus it’s made with sustainable fabrics! It’s the bra you will never want to take off! 

Zubeida is wearing the Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra in Butterscotch


Nourishment & Intuitive Eating

It's essential to nourish your body after giving birth. Intuitive eating is a beautiful approach to food that may help you postpartum. It’s essential to find some exercise that works for you once you're healed and depending on your delivery. Starting with baby yoga or short walks around a local park is a perfect gentle introduction. Remember, it’s not about losing weight. It’s about building endorphins and taking time for your mental and physical self. Fill your home with healthy snacks to give your body the nutrition it needs to do the hard work of caring for yourself, and you're newborn.