Working Moms Guide To Office-Pumping

Office-pumping shouldn’t make us uncomfortable but it does. So here’s an html guide to make it easier for moms, but also for businesses to make it easier for their ‘mom-ployees’ *ahemm*. 

Tip 1: Get snacking and stay hydrated. If there’s ever been a time to feel good about snacking, it’s now (not that you ever need a good reason). Making breast milk takes a lot of calories out of you. Take the time to eat a healthy snack and drink some water. Don’t feel like you need to choose pumping or eating they are equally important. 

Tip 2: Get pump-acquainted. Get to know your pump. Don’t wait until your first day back to work. Figure out what settings work best, how to assemble/disassemble it. The better you know it, the more efficient and comfortable you will be. If you’re looking for something silent, check out one of our favorite pumps from Medela

Sonata® Smart double electric breast pump

Tip 3: Find your ‘safe-space’. “A key issue for many employed moms who are breastfeeding their babies: being offered a comfortable, quiet space to pump in the office”. Depending on your work-environment and comfort-level, it is always great to identify your ‘pumping space’. If your office doesn’t have a dedicated umping room, speak with your management to find the best place for you.

Tip 4: Dress for ‘pumping-success’. As a simple rule zip-downs and button downs. Anything you don’t actually have to take off completely will spare you time, and your hair-do. Think blazers and blouses - or zip up sweaters depending on your wardrobe policy. As for pumping, don’t discount the importance of a good nursing bra and pumping accessories. The Clip and Pump Nursing Bra Accessory might be your new best friend, not to mention - it makes pumping hands-free.  

Clip and Pump

Tip 5: Relax. Get in the mood with a curated ‘pumping playlist’ or meditation. Whatever ‘flows’ your boat. Don’t feel like making a playlist, here’s our go-to Spotify playlist: for meditation, for music

So to put it in perspective, these are just a few things new moms need to consider when coming back to work, so PLEASE - if you are a business owner, employer or hold a decision making role in your company - here is what the ultimate office pumping room looks like and why it matters.

See here if you want to join us in making office-pumping rooms a norm.