'Working with mom’ ft. The women behind Pivot Skincare

Overcoming business challenges and solving them as a family. Pivot skincare is a mother/daughter run business — Cindy, and her girls, Sophie, Emma & Emily.  In light of Mother’s Day and as fans of the brand, we asked to have a conversation with them to explore how their family dynamic and personal relationships mix with business.



Tell us a little bit about your brand — why you started it, and what it’s all about.

I had been in the skincare industry for 20 years.  One particularly harsh winter, I felt like I was missing something from my skin care routine. I wanted something clean, natural and luxurious that would give my skin the nourishment it was craving. When I was finally happy with the formula, I made it available to my clients, friends and family, who have been loving the oil for about 12 years now. When the pandemic came, it meant that visiting my clients in person was no longer an option, I decided I had to...pivot.

Skincare Routine

What made you decide to go into business with your daughters?

I was going to be responsible for producing the oil, as well as sales, and finances, but tackling a digital business seemed scary to me. I’m 60. However, my kids assured me that we could take it to a broader market they would handle the online aspects — I know how capable and driven they are. It’s been really amazing seeing how each of their different skill sets has contributed to the success and growth of the company. We have so many plans for the near future and beyond, and it’s been wonderful to accomplish these things as a family. I am so happy to have my girls by my side to help me navigate this new journey.

Family team

Would you label yourself a momager? Do you feel like your mom traits come into play or is it strictly business during working hours?

I would say that we each have our own responsibilities and tasks at Pivot, yet we discuss and collaborate together. We tend to start and end our meetings with funny stories or just talking about life in general. I’m a bit of a workaholic, but that’s because I really like what I am doing. My kids have to tell me to stop working sometimes!

Pivot Skincare

How do you separate work from family time?

I make sure to carve out daily time for my kids.

Emily, my eldest, and her family live in Israel, and we FaceTime with them every day. My middle daughter, Sophie, is expecting in less than 2 months, and so we spend a lot of time talking and preparing for that. My son, Oliver, daughter-in-law Emma, and grandson, live a few blocks from us, so I visit with them outdoors and take my grandson for daily walks.


What’s one piece of advice you would offer to other moms out there looking to get into business with their kids?

Life is full of uncertainty. To survive and thrive as a business, one needs to be adaptable. I’m 60, and much of the digital stuff is not intuitive to me the way it is to my daughters. I’m lucky that they are able to take the lead in these areas. It has taught me that if you don’t know how to do something, ask someone who does. That in itself is a form of adaptability. The four of us make a really good team.

 Let's ask the daughters

What’s the best thing about working with your mom?

We’re pretty much in touch all day every day building something from scratch, which has been a good distraction during this really difficult year. It has definitely strengthened our communication and has helped our relationship become even better.


If you could describe your relationship with your mom in one word what would it be?

Sophie: Supportive

Emma: Solid

Emily: Close


Lastly, how important would you say a comfy bra is on a busy day?

Crucial! I am 7 months pregnant and have had such a hard time finding a bra that has been supportive and comfortable enough. Obsessed with the Bravado nursing bra. - Sophie

Comfort is key these days, and so I was happy to find Bravado bras  providing support while feeling so comfortable. - Cindy

Sophie wears Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra